What You Need for a Home Theater

Posted On: 03-20-2019

As the name suggests, a home theater's main goal is to provide a theater-like experience for the individual, all in the comfort of their own home! A home theater can be as simple or as complex as the individual would like. At the end of the day, there are no limits to what can be defined within a home theater. However, a GOOD home theater will share a few key qualities. 

At its core, your theater should provide you and your family a high-quality experience, just like at the actual movies. You want to ensure that your video resolution and audio breathes life into your favorite movies or shows. When making the optimal home theater, you want to ensure that your priorities are aligned with your budget.

Choosing a proper video display

When you initially think of a home theater experience, you will most likely think of a projection system with a large screen. Not only is this a classic display setup, but it also effective and affordable. The two-piece combo featuring the projector and screen makes for optimal lighting control. Depending on your television or display device, some projectors may offer different screen-to-size options.

There are also mid-level and entry-level projectors for those who have smaller display devices. Smart TVs connect your home network to streaming services. If you have a smart TV available, you may not need to invest in an additional projector or screen. You will just need to look for the perfect audio system for your home theater.

Choosing the proper audio speakers for your setup

Having memorable and clear audio can make or break the home theater experience. At home, the most basic surround speakers will have sound come at you from all directions. Speakers come in many shapes and sizes. The general rule of thumb to follow is this: The smaller the speaker, the less sound quality it will have. For the most optimal sound, especially if you plan on having a large setup or area for viewing, go big or go home.

It is important to remember that speakers are a long-term investment. Make sure to find a decent size that will complement the aesthetic and auditory surroundings. There are also in-wall and ceiling speakers for those who wish to avoid a cramped and cluttered living room. If you can afford it, try adding subwoofers to your speaker system to deliver smoother bass across a wider space range.

The sound-bar is also another great option for those who want a multichannel speaker system in the room without the additional space that a traditional speaker system comes with.

At the end of the day, the visual and sound aspects are the most important components to a successful home theater. One cannot coexist without the other. Once you have found your ideal screen/display and sound system, look into additional home electronics or components such as receivers or Blu-ray players. With a home theater, your possibilities are virtually endless!

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