What is a Distributed Audio System?

Posted On: 02-27-2020

distributed audio system Yorba Linda, CA

As the world of technology continues to evolve each day, more and more audio systems are being created, and one of those is a distributed audio system. With so many innovations nowadays, it can be helpful to know what is what and how they all function.

In this article, we outline and go over what a distributed audio system is and exactly how it works. There are a variety of components to distributed audio systems and each one can be important to know when considering one. Find out more by reading further!

Distributed audio system information

What is it?

A distributed audio system delivers audio to multiple speakers rather than just one or two. Transformers are built into each speaker and special amplifiers are then used to power those speakers with force. The power from each amplifier is distributed evenly and safely so that all speakers are in line together.

Distributed audio systems can be as small or as large as needed. The ability to adapt to different sizes can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Depending on the need of the building or property, it may be important to determine what exactly is necessary. Every building and property is different, so each one may require something different.

It is best to talk with an audio professional about what your building or property needs are so that they can determine what is best. 

When are distributed audio systems used?

There are a lot of different places where distributed audio stems might be used or recommended. Being aware of all of the different options where these systems might work can be helpful for someone who is considering their options. Here are some of the most common buildings and properties that may use distributed audio systems:

  • Hospitals: Administrators may call out nurses or doctors that are needed
  • Schools: Office staff may have to call out students, teachers and announcements
  • Stores: Larger grocery or outlet stores may use distributed audio systems in order to find staff
  • Stadiums: Sporting events may use distributed audio systems to announce scores or statuses

What types of systems exist?

Technology has allowed for more evolutions of the distributed audio system and there are now three types that exist. The three main types of systems include the following:

  • Background: Office buildings or recreation areas may use soft background systems
  • Foreground: Clubs or stadiums may require foreground systems so that everything can be heard over the loud noise
  • Background and foreground: A combination of both systems may be used in buildings that have a need for low and high volume sounds

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