Smart Office: Commercial Automation Installation Ideas

Posted On: 09-07-2019

Utilizing new technology to create a smart office is a modern way to improve the work experience for employees and foster better client relationships. Learning how to incorporate commercial automation tools into your existing office environment can have a big impact on how the office runs on a day-to-day basis. Installation options include both standalone technology and equipment that integrates with technology already in the office.

Smart technology can improve office efficiency

Media solutions

Many companies already heavily rely on media technology to support or carry client meetings, sales presentations and internal discussions. Business information is often displayed in presentation slides that may include video or audio components. Companies also increasingly have remote clients or employees who must attend meetings via video conference.

Commercial automation tools can combine all of these factors into an easily managed system. With the press of a button, a business leader can sync a presentation across devices, turn on a projector, increase speaker volume and dim the lights. To add another dimension to these meetings, companies can use technology like interactive video displays or software that automatically converts conversations into typed notes. By utilizing smart technology, employees can focus on representing the company well rather than fumbling with technology at the last minute.

Environment control

Lighting and temperature play an important role in creating a comfortable work environment for employees and clients. Commercial automation tools can be used to create presets for lighting fixtures, thermostats and blinds depending on the time of day, location in the office, and client needs.

For offices that strive to be environmentally conscious, smart office technology can give management greater control over energy usage. Motion sensors can be used to turn off lights and other technology in unoccupied. Smart technology can also link all nonessential devices and appliances together so they turn off automatically at a certain time.

Futuristic work environments

As technology advances, workplaces can benefit from increasingly less traditional methods of communication. Incorporating VR technology to bring employees and clients from different locations together is a futuristic way to keep everyone engaged and informed. For certain industries, VR solutions are also able to provide 360-degree views of product prototypes and mock-ups.

Keep the office safe

Smart office technology offers many solutions for protecting an office and its assets. Companies can use sensors at reception to capture data from visitors or allow access based on numerous metrics. Office managers can also utilize motion-sensing cameras to capture suspicious activity after employees have left for the day and have the captured images transmitted to their smartphone or laptop. Bosses of smaller companies may also want to use technology to keep an eye on the office when they are out of town and stay abreast of who is on the premises.


There are increasingly more options for how to create a smart office that keeps employees engaged and clients impressed. Stay abreast of the latest offerings to know what technology installation may improve your workplace.

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