Shade and Window Treatment Automation

No matter the size of the home, most places come with no curtains/shades or very low-quality ones that allow light to get through. Almost always without fail, the light will get through at just the right spot to interfere with watching TV, using the computer, reading or trying to take a nap. In other cases, people in apartment buildings or in the city may find that city lights from the outside get in the way of sleeping at night. We can help set up shades that are more effective and easy to use.

Benefits of Automated Shades

Automated shades allow for you to control the shades without having to get up and close them on your own. Whether you are lounging on the couch or on the bed, you can even set up voice activation to close the shades. With our services, we can help install the shade automation system and sync it up to the devices you want.

Since people may worry that these types of shades are not visually-pleasing or too expensive, here is a list of benefits of shade automation:

  • Easy Use
  • Save Energy (influence temperature indoors)
  • Easily Create The Desired Ambiance in a Room
  • Reduce Glare in The Room
  • Get privacy When You Want

You can create the ambiance you want for any occasion from a movie screening party to a summer family gathering. You can adjust the shades throughout the day as the sun begins to go down in order to always block the glare.

Save Energy with Automated Shades

One aspect of automated shades that people do not always think about is that they can help save energy. Automated shades can fill the length of the window completely and avoid allowing light into the room. By doing so, they can also help to prevent a room from heating up. Similar to a car that sits in the sun for several hours, a home can heat up when direct sunlight comes through uncovered windows.

With this, you will not have to waste as much money using the air conditioning to keep your home cool. During the winter, opening the shades will allow the sunlight to get in and help warm up the home before closing the shades at night to trap the heat in. This way, whatever the time of day or event, you can create a comfortable atmosphere and save money in the process. Even if it is just you and your family relaxing at home, you can create the atmosphere with automated shades and other devices.

Protect Your Possessions from Sun Damage

Sun damage is a factor that few people pay attention to when they live in a home. The glare on a TV screen, even when it is not in use can ruin the quality of the screen if it continues to hit the screen on a regular basis. Books, furniture, flooring and more are all susceptible to sun damage and can fade or even change color due to overexposure to sunlight.

While people can close regular shades or curtains, they may not be home to close them all the time or may constantly be in too big of a rush to close them before leaving. With automated shades, people can merely press a button or swipe their finger on a touch screen to protect their home. Even if they are at work, there are automated apps that can close the shades from an app on their phone while at work.

While light will not immediately cause any problems, continued exposure will damage your home. We can help set up a system that prevents that risk and helps to preserve the quality of your home. The first step is to call us and schedule an appointment.

Call Us for More Information Today

While we can automate the shades in your home, we can also automate a variety of other products in your home from the TV and computer to the lighting and door locks. By scheduling an appointment, we can help determine what will work best for your home and help make your desires a reality. By automating your home, you will be able to live in comfort and safety.

At the press of a button, you will be able to control multiple features without having to get out of bed. If you are on the go a lot, then there are even phone apps to allow you to check everything is secure while you are out or at work. Take the first step toward a more comfortable and easy lifestyle by calling us today.

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