Popular Options for Commerical Speaker Systems

Posted On: 08-16-2019

For restaurants, department stores or churches, quality commercial speaker systems can improve overall customer experience, which may increase business profit. Compared to home sound systems, commercial systems provide stronger sound coverage while requiring less wiring that can be both dangerous and time-consuming to install. Investment in a sound system can be profitable when installed and used properly.

What factors influence the choice of a commercial speaker system?

When choosing a sound system, businesses need to keep in mind floor layout, the number of speakers needed and the placement of those speakers. All three factors can affect the quality of the sound and how well the sounds travel across a space. The type of commercial speakers that can be purchased varies and includes surface mount, ceiling and column speakers.

What are the different types of commercial speaker systems?

Surface mount speakers

When purchasing commercial speaker systems, the most basic unit is the surface mount. Surface mount speakers can be installed on any surface, including the walls and ceiling. These units are box-like enclosures that are offered in a variety of colors and sizes to blend into a business’s décor and style. Depending on the number of speakers placed within a venue, these can either be a primary sound source for a smaller setting or, for a larger venue, used to supplement a second sound system.

Ceiling speakers

While surface mount speakers have unique styles, finishes and colors to allow them to complement an area, ceiling speakers have the extra benefit of appearing hidden within the location. Built into the ceilings, theses inconspicuous speakers provide quality sound without drawing away from the look of an area. Ceiling speakers must be installed equal distances apart from each other and along the length of the venue for the best sound production. Installation within the ceiling decreases interaction with the walls that can affect sound quality.

Column speakers

As the name states, these speakers are a box enclosure similar to surface mount speakers, but they are arranged in a vertical column. This arrangement of the speakers provides better sound by reducing the amount of soundwaves that bounce off the floor and ceiling. In areas with high ceilings that can cause an echo effect, e.g., churches, gymnasiums and auditoriums, this system can make a presenter's voice clearer. These speakers can blend well into décor with architectural columns, and they allow for good sound coverage across a wide venue.


Subwoofers are a specialized component of commercial speaker systems. Best for music venues, these speakers are ideal for low-frequency sounds found in bass-filled music. Subwoofers are less about the clarity of the sound and focused more on the impact of the reverberation of the sound. Since clarity is not important, these speakers can be placed anywhere and have little effect on customer experience.


Customer satisfaction is important for a business, and while physical décor can enhance the experience, the sound quality of music, announcements or lecturers can also improve client response. By investing in quality commercial speaker systems, businesses can better connect to their clientele.

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