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Posted On: 12-16-2018

Home automation has become extremely popular nowadays with the introduction of different “Smart Hubs” such as Amazons Echo, or Google’s Home systems. As these have become more popular, people are installing different automatic and remotely controlled systems in their homes.

What is home automation?

Home automation also referred to as smart home technology, has become very popular in the last few years. These devices are either connected to the internet or via a Bluetooth technology to a system that does. Because of this, they can be controlled from almost anywhere in the home or even when a person is away.

These devices can be controlled remotely and include everything from the blinds and fans in someones home to pet feeders that can automatically feed your pets at certain times, or by remote control.

Smart home hubs

One of the most important aspects of smart home technology is including a hub that all of the devices connect to. One of the most popular is the Amazon Echo which has many various hubs including a tower, the Amazon Show that includes an impressive visual screen, and Amazon Echo Dot that is smaller and can fit almost anywhere.

These hubs connect all of the different devices to the Wifi and give them the ability to be controlled at any time.

Smart plugs

One of the most popular, and often first items, for home automation is “Smart plugs.” These plugs are plugged into the wall and then can have any corded device plugged into it from lamps to larger electronics. By using your voice or an app, the plug can be turned on or off and control the power to whatever device is plugged in.


Another popular device that is also great for safety is a doorbell that when rung will automatically turn on a camera to let someone see who is at the door. Most of them can also be programmed to take snapshots or videos if it senses movement coming up to the door or leaving. This is great to avoid marketers or salespeople going door to door.

Smart locks

The smart locks are a great addition to someone's smart home devices. These will give someone the ability to lock or unlock their door from anywhere. Whether you are headed home with groceries and do not want to have to open the door manually, or leave and cannot remember if you locked the door. With either using your voice or a tap on your smartphone's screen, the doors can be controlled to either lock or unlock.

Home safety systems

Home alarm systems have also been at the forefront of home automation technology. These systems add the extra protection to your home including monitoring for movement, doors opening or glass breaking. However, with the added convenience of connecting to the internet, these systems can alert you directly on your phone if something is wrong. They can also be disarmed or armed from anywhere. 

No matter what aspect of your home you want to be automated, it is almost guaranteed that there is a device that can be added. Contact us today, and we can help in answering any additional home automation questions you may have!

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