Multi Room Audio and Video From Popular Controlling Companies

Posted On: 12-15-2015


For home audio and video installation that will transform how you listen to music or watch movies, call Soundwave Audio and Video. We can provide you with a listening and viewing experience that will knock your socks off. We have several options for doing so that can not only give you a killer media room but also provide you with sound throughout the house. Once the installation is complete, we will make sure the entire experience is easy to control so you are not hunting for a million remotes, having to press various buttons on each in order to get the systems to work together. This is the old, and ridiculous, way of doing things. It should not take an expert to get your television to turn on or for the sound to come out when you are using a projector. We have you covered and will make operating your home theater and sound system as easy as possible so you can actually enjoy it.

Soundwave Audio and Video Provides Multi-Room Audio and Video From These Companies:

  • Crestron. If you want an easy system, Creston is incredible. The technology is fully integrated with Apple so you can control your audio and video from your iPhone®, iPad®, or Mac®. That means you can turn on your favorite songs while cooking dinner, without ever leaving the kitchen. You can turn on a cartoon for your kids in the morning without getting out of bed. Now that is convenience.
  • Control 4. You can preset your movie settings and press the start button for the perfect volume controls. Control 4 is incredibly simple and easy to use, great for integration with your home audio and video installation. They also have a remote that can control not only your television and sound but also your Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Fire accounts.
  • RTI. With RTI, you can use a touch panel wall-mount or a handheld remote to control all your media. This way, you can turn on your favorite station while cooking dinner and turn it off in the family room later, before watching a different show.
  • Universal Remote Control. This is the brand that started it all. Universal Remote Control has been making it easy to manage your media and home audio and video for decades. They have proven high-quality and continue to innovate.

Improve Your Viewing and Listening Experience With a Home Audio and Video Installation

At Soundwave Audio and Video, we can transform your media room or your entire home by creating an amazing experience you will not soon forget. Your favorite albums can be enjoyed as if you were watching the artist in concert, the game can be watched as if you were in the stands cheering on your team, and the movie can be screened as if you were in the theater. All this is possible with our comprehensive home audio and video installation services, and with a universal remote control, you can control your experience with a few clicks of a button. To find out what we can do for you or to begin the installation process, call (714) 553-2779.

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