Distributed Audio System: Get a Multi-Room Sound System

Posted On: 11-19-2019

distributed audio system Yorba Linda, CA

Technology continues to evolve each and every day, and with a distributed audio system, more and more people are able to have multi-room sound systems. Typically, these audio systems are used for larger buildings or bigger properties that need to make announcements or locate staff.

 When people consider what their options are for multi-room sound systems, distributed audio ones are typically the best to go with, and for many reasons. These systems are great for large areas. Find out more in this article as we outline what a distributed audio system is and how it can help someone achieve a multi-room sound system!

Distributed audio systems

What is a distributed audio system?

These multi-room sound systems have the ability to deliver sound to many speakers as opposed to just one or two. Each speaker has a transformer built into it that is connected to a special amplifier. Each amplifier is used to power the speakers with massive force. All of the speakers end up connected because the power from each amplifier is evenly distributed.

A distributed audio system has the ability to adapt to different sizes of buildings and properties – both large and small. Having this ability can be beneficial if changes have to be made or in order to customize sound systems appropriately.

Where are distributed audio systems needed?

These systems may be needed in a variety of places, including hospitals or schools. Doctors and nurses use the systems to make announcements or to send people to certain floors. Schools may make announcements and attempt to locate staff or students. Larger stores may require distributed audio systems if the staff needs to be located or if they are announcing closing times. Also, stadiums or arenas may need large audio systems so that scores and statuses can be updated.

What types of distributed audio systems exist?

As distributed audio systems have continued to evolve, there are three different types of systems that can be chosen when considering a distributed audio system and they are below:

  • Background system: Recreational areas or office buildings may require background systems
  • Foreground system: Larger buildings or properties may need foreground systems because they are larger
  • Background and foreground system: Some places need both systems such as an arena or a larger office building

Ultimately it is best to talk with a professional about what type of distributed audio system is best for you. They can help evaluate what your needs are exactly and then get you set up with the right system for your purposes. 

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