Distributed Audio Installation: Ideas for Your Home

Posted On: 10-31-2019

distributed audio Yorba Linda, CA

If you are hoping to integrate your home’s sound system, distributed audio may be what you have been looking for. Also referred to as whole house audio, these systems allow you to coordinate the playing of music and sounds throughout your entire home. With that in mind, here is everything you will need to know about installing a synchronized sound system throughout your household.

Equipment overview

Whole house audio systems require basic gear. Sound speakers should be placed in every room that is part of the audio system. A separate master amplifier and remote switch controls what is played and the volume it is played at. Additional equipment, such as sound mixers and a panel for supplementary audio sources, can enhance the quality and performance of the distributed audio system.


The type of speakers used in whole house audio boils down to aesthetic taste. Ceiling-mount speakers are small and non-invasive, installed in ceilings and out of sight. Wireless speakers, while more noticeable, sometimes produce higher-quality sound and do not have to be installed. Weatherproof speakers distribute sound in outdoor areas, such as a backyard or swimming pool.


As the key to the whole operation, the amplifier you choose synchronizes your speakers to play the sounds you want. Amplifier needs vary based on the amount of speakers in use and the power they require. If you wish to have music and sound from multiple sources — needing outlets for MP3, CDs, DVD players, radio, USB ports, etc. — a mixer will be required. Some amplifiers have a built-in mixer that streamlines the entire process.


There are many ways to control distributed audio systems. A traditional remote is common, but in-wall controls and even smartphone control allow for more freedom without keeping up with an extra physical device.

System types

Types of whole house audio systems abound, giving you options in versatility and aesthetics that fit your style and budget.

Wireless systems

These systems utilize wireless speakers, usually connected via Bluetooth, or smart speakers to synchronize sounds throughout the house. The upsides include easy installation that can take just minutes, ease of movement and versatility. Wireless systems are great if you have already built your home, since there is no hassle with contractors. One key drawback to the wireless system is that speakers relying upon Wi-Fi or other connections will experience the same disruptions as other devices if the network goes out.

Wired systems

Placed out of sight in either ceilings or walls, wired speakers can be built in with the rest of a new home. While later installation may require the services of a contractor, wired systems can provide excellent distribution of sound while keeping the look of a room intact.

Zoning and sourcing

Sourcing is what produces the sounds that are played, while zoning refers to where they are played. A single source distributes the same audio across the entire house, while multiple sources can split their audio across different zones. There is either one zone — the entire house — or multiple zones that can potentially control everything from volume to sourcing.


Your home’s technology is important, as you will be interacting with it for years to come. Investing in high-quality audio integration allows you to enjoy whatever your ears desire.

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