Comparing Smart Home Systems

Posted On: 01-02-2019

Choosing the right smart home system can be a hard decision as a consumer. With so many different options for so many different brands, narrowing down your choices to a select few can be challenging and a hassle. However, when comparing technology, there are a few key essentials you should focus on to ensure that you choose the best option for your home.

What is a smart home system?

A smart home system is essentially a system that provides homeowners a sense of comfort, security, energy efficiency and convenience within their home. More often than not, there are appliances such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers and audio systems that are capable of communicating with each other and can be controlled by a remote, time schedule or voice activation. Most homes do not have these systems built into them, thus making comparing while shopping that much more important — one wrong purchase could bring on a ton of unnecessary hassle later down the line.


Compatibility is one big factor to consider when comparing smart home systems. Compatibility with your family members and devices in your home can be a deal breaker when choosing your system. A good system will be able to connect with every device you own. As you grow more comfortable with your system, compatibility plays a larger role as you are more likely to add on systems and other various gadgets.


The utility of a system is a huge comparison factor — the more utility that a system provides, the lower the chances of needing to replace it becomes. This also ties back to compatibility. If a system is flexible and compatible with other systems, it can rank higher than a different system with similar features.


Set-up and installation play a large part in the buying process as some smart homes are easier to set up than others. Systems that are more complex and require wiring and installation. Although this may not be a problem for professionals or someone who is a handyman, someone less confident with their skills may find do-it-yourself systems more appealing. If the set-up is not complete, then you may run into technical dilemmas down the road.


For more complex systems, pricing will be higher. For simpler systems, the pricing generally should be lower. Depending on your budget and intended use for the home system, consider scaling up or down according to your preferences. Keep in mind that complex systems will generally hold more longevity and features when comparing systems.


When searching and comparing the market for the perfect smart home system, look at all the models available. Keep in mind that the standard models for most systems will come with basic features. If you are looking for customization and more features, prepare questions and have them ready to ask when you go shopping.

The bottom line

Smart home systems are the new assistants to most households. When comparing systems, make sure to know what you have in mind, your budget, and the compatibility that you are looking for. Take your time and do your research to ensure that your smart system suits all your needs.

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