Commercial Audio Video Installation for Sales Presentations

Posted On: 08-01-2016


If you want to truly wow your prospects, commercial audio video installation is the way to go. Making presentations using an old-school projector or using printouts in folders, is blasé at best. Everyone has done this for years and there is nothing spectacular, cutting edge or modern about doing so. In other words, if your sales presentations look the same as they did in 1999 – it is time for a serious upgrade, and we can help.

You can knock it out of the park with sales presentations made using the latest in presentation technology. By projecting images onto a flat screen and listening to music, videos or the pitch across surround sound, your presentation suddenly becomes an epic one that looks as though you have a huge production budget. This should serve to impress your prospects and potential clients. After all, if your sales presentations are this polished and professional, how much more so will your services be?

If this is something that you want, but you have no idea where to begin, give us a call. We can visit your office, speak with your team about their presentation needs, view the spaces where you meet with clients and make recommendations. Very often, our clients will request commercial audio video installation in several rooms so that multiple presentations can be made at one time. We can certainly accommodate this request.

When we come out to your offices, let us know if you would also be interested in having an audio-video system in your individual offices. We find that many executives and business owners like the ability to watch the game or the news while they're getting work done. Especially if they head into the office early or tend to stay late. The ability to keep up-to-date with what is going on can be incredibly beneficial. This is certainly true if your particular industry demands that you stay up on trends or on breaking news. Also, we can install an audio and video system in your break room. This will allow your employees to watch the news or simply to relax while taking a break from doing work.

Wire Your Office for Sound

You may also want to consider wiring your entire office for sound so that you can play music throughout the day. Background music can actually help to improve creativity and learning – two things that could positively impact the productivity of your office. A study completed by the University of Helsinki measured the impact that listening to classical music had on the brain. Those tested showed improvements in their ability to learn and also in their mood. Essentially, doing something as easy as playing music at work, could help your employees to learn new things, become more creative, and even be happier. This is an overall win-win for your company.

Share Your Goals

Whatever goals you have for the audio and video capabilities of your office – we can help. To discuss options for commercial audio video installation, schedule an appointment with our team.

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