Commercial Audio and Video Installation for Childcare Centers

Posted On: 02-16-2018

We can complete a commercial audio and video installation for your daycare or childcare center. We help all types of businesses to improve the ambiance and atmosphere of their location. While most people think of restaurants, bars and retail stores for needing a built-in sound system, we know that daycare and childcare centers greatly benefit from this option.

Employees are incredibly busy running around and taking care of children. Needing to put music on in each room or putting movies on and manually hitting play in multiple locations takes a lot of time. With an integrated system, it is possible to play music throughout the entire building and to project movies onto multiple screens at one time. The staff will appreciate how much easier it is to do so.

Ways to use music at a childcare center

1. Music can improve brain function

There are many benefits to playing music at a daycare or childcare center. Classical music, for example, has been shown to improve brain function and stimulate learning. When played for small children and babies, this music could be incredibly stimulating. Parents may also appreciate that their children are being exposed to this level of culture while they are spending time playing.

2. Music is for learning

Many educators will use music to help children to learn basic concepts like the ABCs or how to count. Many children songs are designed with that specific purpose in mind. Ask people how they learn their ABCs and they will typically respond by singing the song.

Ask an adult how they learn the days of the week and they may begin to sing the days of the week song. It is easy to remember things when put to rhyme and music so this is an excellent way to bring education to the center. Even if the music is playing in the background throughout the day, children will be listening to it and begin to learn from it.

3. Music is fun

Music is also an excellent way to get silly and have a good time with the kids. Babies, toddlers preschoolers and even older children enjoy dancing to music and being silly. Having it play at specific times during the day can encourage movement and make an ordinary activity seem fun. For example, cleaning up the room can be a lot more fun when upbeat music is being played and everyone is singing along.

Easy to play music throughout the day

With our help, childcare workers can insert a CD or stream music at any time during the day. It can then be played throughout the facility so that childcare workers are not needing to play CDs on individual stereos.

We make it easy to control

With a high-tech commercial audio and video installation, we make it easy to control music and video throughout the facility. In fact, it is even possible to do so using an app on the phone or a wall system.

Do not forget the video

Sometimes, it is necessary to help children wind down by watching a relaxing video. With a commercial audio and video installation, we make it possible to play one movie that is projected onto screens in multiple rooms. This is far easier than needing to set them up on an individual basis.

Call us to learn more

If you own or manage a daycare or childcare center, call us to learn more about how installing a sound and video system can make things easier for the staff and improve the atmosphere of your center.

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