A Guide to Smart Lighting Options

Posted On: 12-02-2018

You may have heard about smart lighting and think it sounds cool. But, your knowledge about smart lighting options is limited, which prevents you from truly pursuing the idea.

By understanding the most useful information about smart lighting, however, you can make an informed decision as to whether it is right for your home. It also helps you choose a smart lighting option that works well for you.

Smart lighting options

Smart lighting is a great way to give yourself control over the lighting of the home in a more convenient manner.

The following is a complete guide to smart lighting. This includes exactly what smart lighting is, how it works and how to connect smart lighting in a home. Smart bulbs and smart switches are discussed as well.

What is smart lighting?

Smart lighting is a lighting system that allows you to control the lighting using various smart devices, including smartphones and tablets. Smart lighting is quickly gaining popularity due to the numerous features it offers its users. These include the ability to have lights turn on automatically as soon as you arrive home or cycle lights on and off while away from the home.

Smart lighting has helped many households become much more energy efficient. This lowers their utility costs each month and cuts down on the cost of replacing burned out light bulbs.

Smart lighting most commonly works by connecting the smart lighting system with either Bluetooth capabilities or a wifi network. This then gives the user the ability to control the lighting without needing to be near the light switch.

How to connect smart lighting

The most convenient way to connect a smart lighting system is to utilize a home automation system, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

A home automation system allows the homeowner to control the activity of the smart lighting and gives them access to various features. For instance, the smart lighting system can be set up to turn on anytime home activity occurs after midnight or to turn on right before arriving home from work.

Most smart lighting options come with detailed assembly instructions and many smart lighting providers have apps that allow the homeowner to control settings through their smartphone. These make connecting the smart lighting effortless.

Smart bulbs versus smart switches

Two of the main smart lighting options are smart bulbs and smart switches. Although they seem similar at first, there are some differences to be mindful of between the two smart lighting options.

Smart bulbs are typically easier to install, which often makes them more desirable for those new to smart lighting. Smart bulbs also provide more lighting flexibility in many instances, allowing users to change the color when desired.

Smart light switches are more appealing to some, and they are actually more cost-effective in many instances as well.

Regardless of the smart lighting option chosen, there is no doubt that smart lighting can help you take your home to the next level and make life much easier, and less expensive, over the course of time.

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