A Guide to Electric Shade Installation

Posted On: 06-11-2019

Electric shade installation is a complicated necessity of this new, popular choice for keeping the sun out of the house and covering windows that are bare. However, installation can be difficult and often times, confusing. With the help of this guide, electric shade installation should be simple!

Some people can hire someone to install their electric shades. But, it may be costly or time-consuming for others. Rather, why not give it a shot yourself? It can be helpful to be aware of a few simple, general steps in order to install electric shades in your home. Find out more below as we outline these steps!

A guide to electric shade installation

The parts

One of the best ways to start the process of electric shade installation is to ensure that all of the parts are laid out. This way they are all easily visible and present. Sometimes, appliances like these can include a lot of small pieces that may be hard to see. Having them all laid out will ensure that none go missing or get lost.

Typically a manual will be included that includes all of the parts or pieces that came with the shades. It is important to find that and go over the instruction manual to ensure that each piece matches up with the listed pieces in the manual.

The tools

Sometimes installation of things requires tools in order to do so properly. The manual may list the necessary tools as well as any that were included. As industries have evolved, more and more companies include small generic tools with their products that can be used for installation purposes.

The mounting

One of the major steps in electric shade installation is that of mounting them above the windows. Mounting is typically involved in every installation because the shades have to be secured from somewhere. Sometimes mounting will be on top or on the side of the window. Mounting will usually require tools and small pieces to be used, such as screws.

The shades

Once mounting is complete, the actual shades are usually placed within the mount. This will secure them and ensure that they have somewhere to attach to. Screws may be used to hold the shades in place so that they can open and close properly. Other times, they may be held in place with a latch. 


Most electric shades have to be activated. This is done either through battery power, plugin or remote control. After mounting and placement of the shades themselves, activation will take place in order to get the blinds to work. After activation, the electric shades should work properly with full functionality.

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