7 Options for Mounting a HDTV in Your Home

Posted On: 09-18-2019

When it comes to the home theater experience, people love their HDTV. Whether you are putting on a family movie night, watching an interesting documentary or just sitting down to catch up on your favorite sitcom, the television set often finds itself in the spotlight. Since the TV is frequently the focus of your attention, you want it to be mounted conveniently and look good.

Options for mounting your HDTV

On its base

The easiest way to mount a TV is to simply place it on its included stand. Thoughtful TV manufacturers often provide cable routing options through their stands to help customers deal with cord clutter. A TV mounted in this way can be placed in an entertainment center or on a tabletop.

TV stand

Another easy mounting option is to purchase an entertainment center or media center that has a built-in stand. With this type of equipment, the legs or pedestal stand that came with the TV are not needed. This furniture is designed to mount the TV directly to the stand via screw holes in the back of the unit (called VESA mounts).

Hidden mount

A designer option is to purchase a cabinet that allows the TV to be completely hidden. The screen is mounted through the VESA connections in the back. When not in use, the cabinet looks like a simple piece of furniture. At the push of a button, though, the TV magically rises out of the cabinet.

Low-profile wall mount

Many homeowners are moving towards using low-profile wall mounts to hang their TVs. In this configuration, the wall mount is securely fastened to the studs in the wall. Using the VESA mounts on the back of the TV and included hardware, the unit is then attached to the wall mount. This low-profile option makes it possible to hang an HDTV nearly flush with the wall.

Articulated wall mount

An articulated wall mount also provides a solution for getting the TV hung on the wall. The difference is that instead of being flush-mounted, the hardware includes articulated arms. With these arms, the TV can be pulled away from the wall, pointed to different areas of a room and even angled up and down. This gives much greater flexibility in where the TV can be placed.

Ceiling mount

An unusual option is to mount the TV directly on the ceiling. This is sometimes done in a bedroom to allow more comfort when watching TV in bed. Similar to wall mounts, these are fastened directly to the studs in the ceiling to ensure a secure connection.

Inset in wall

For the artistically inclined, creating an inset area in the wall to mount the TV is an option. The screen is still mounted to the wall but the insetting allows the homeowner to either place a frame around the screen (making it look like framed art) or cover the TV completely with a piece of art.


If you have purchased a new HDTV or are considering a new method of mounting an existing TV, there are many exciting options available. Be sure to find one that meets your needs and fulfills your sense of style.

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