5 Reasons to Get Motorized Shade Control for Your Home

Posted On: 07-24-2019

Motorized shade control has become increasingly popular as people are constantly searching for new ways to update their home. Remodeling can be a long and expensive process but putting in new blinds or curtains is a simple way to make a change without all the hassle. While adding this new touch to a home is exciting, there are many benefits that these shades provide as well.

Five Benefits to Having Motorized Shades

1. Privacy

People are able to look into other’s homes regardless of whether it is an apartment or a house. Motorized shades help offer complete privacy. Blinds or curtains can be closed with the push of a button. This can be especially important at night for someone who lives alone, has children or has valuables that should be kept hidden.

2. Convenience

Motorized shades offer a convenient solution, allowing control capabilities from a smartphone or tablet. There will not be any more arguments about who gets up to close the curtains before putting on a movie. If someone goes on vacation and forgets to close the blinds, there is no need to worry because settings can be adjusted right from a smartphone.

3. Safety

Curtains and blinds typically come with long cords, which can actually be a safety hazard, particularly in young children. Even parents who are particularly thorough when child-proofing the house often overlook these cords. It is not uncommon for children to get injured by these cords. Many times, these injuries have even led to death. Motorized shades also offer a safer solution since there are no cords involved –– only a smartphone.

Motorized shades can also provide additional safety when people are out of town. Shades can be programmed to open and close as if there are still people home. This way, the house is less likely to be targeted by burglars.

4. Design

In addition to being practical, motorized shades can make a home look more modern. There are many styles to choose from so anyone can find the look that they want. This is an easy way to update a home without the headache of a remodel. It can also add value to a home when the owner decides to sell.

5. Energy Efficiency

The summer months can wreak havoc on energy bills. Temperatures often reach triple digits, which can make it nearly impossible to keep the house cool. The sun coming in through the windows makes the home even hotter, causing the air conditioner to have to continuously run. Through smartphone technology, one can even close the shades while at work. This will help keep the home cooler and in turn, help keep the energy bill lower during warmer months.


When it comes to spending money to make a home look nicer, many people are hesitant. When it comes to safety though, more people are likely to make those changes throughout the home. Whether someone is looking to remodel or not, adding motorized shade control to any home benefits more than just looks. Do not forget that it can actually end up saving you money in the long run.

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