5 Ideas for Residential Outdoor Home Theater and Audio Systems

Posted On: 05-16-2019

On a pleasant evening, there are few activities more enjoyable than gathering your family and friends together to watch a movie on an outdoor home theater system. If you have never set up a theater outside or would like a few good tips on how to improve your theater experience, then consider the following advice for your home.

Great ideas for building your outdoor home theater

1. Choose a convenient location

Primarily think about balancing your comfort with convenience. Make sure that your projector cables are able to reach their power source safely without creating a tripping or fire hazard. Think about how light sources affect the ability to see your screen, either from neighboring houses or street lights. Figure out the direction the wind usually blows, so your screen does not flutter or tip over. Work out where your audience will sit and how they can be the most comfortable. Try the viewing angle from the backyard, side of your house and driveway.

2. Invest in a high-quality projector

A dependable projector system is an important component of the outdoor theater experience. Once you decide where to set up your screen, you can begin researching projectors that suit your needs. Consider brightness capabilities and picture quality, since those elements can easily be compromised in an outdoor setting. There are a wide range of projectors available on the market with different specifications, so you can inform yourself with a little investigation.

3. Think about sound

Do not forget the necessity of audio when it comes to watching shows or movies on your outdoor home theater. An arrangement of two standard stereos on either side of your screen can be a good option. Investing in two basic stereos can not only provide the sound you need while minimizing spending on more expensive high-tech stereos but also make clean-up easier afterwards since they are usually lighter than bigger stereos. Make sure the sound is at a level for your audience to hear but not so loud that it bothers your neighbors.

4. Double-check your set-up

Once you have put together the screen, projector, speakers and seating, make sure everything works well before your audience arrives. Check your cable connections and screen stability. Listen to the movie from different seats and angles to ensure your guests can equally enjoy the show.

5. Decide if you want a permanent theater

For many people, an outdoor home theater is only seasonal entertainment due to unpredictable weather or limited space. However, if these are not concerns where you live, why not consider making your theater a permanent addition to your home? Once you find a good location, research how to install piping to protect wires and decide what type of screen protector would work well. By making your theater permanent, you can avoid the time and effort of setting the theater up whenever you want to watch a movie outside.


Once you are set up, get the popcorn ready! If you like, you can even fire up the grill, chill some drinks in coolers and prepare some warm blankets in case the evening gets cool. Putting a little effort into setting up your outdoor home theater can turn a blah party into a memorable one.

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