5 Benefits of Residential Automated Lighting Control Systems

Posted On: 10-31-2019

automated lighting Yorba Linda, CA

If you are facing growing concerns over light pollution and the cost of your energy bill, you may look into installing an automated lighting control system for your home. Continually evolving developments in lightbulb technology alone have been enough to make many people reconsider ways they can make their homes more energy-efficient and convenient, and automated lighting can be a good addition. If you are contemplating one of these systems, here are some benefits you might look forward to.

Why you should automate your lighting

1. Saving money

According to Energy Saver, the U.S. Department of Energy’s main resource for homeowners and consumers, how often light switches should be flipped on and off depends on the light bulbs themselves. Incandescent bulbs are the least efficient kind, emitting a much larger percentage of heat than light that causes them to burn out faster the longer they are left on.

While halogen bulbs are better than incandescent bulbs, they still lack efficiency and are best kept off when not in use. Already the epitome of efficiency, LEDs are immediately at full brightness when turned on and do not require additional energy to be repeatedly turned on and off, making them ideal for exterior automated sensors.

Automated lighting makes it easier to turn each of these lights off and control how often they are on, which may reduce wasted energy and increase energy efficiency. Such a system may also provide dimming options that can decrease unnecessary use without completely extinguishing the lights.

2. Safety

Dark windows can signal to strangers that a house is empty and vulnerable. An automated system can be programmed to turn on the lights at a specific time when the homeowner is away or be activated manually from a mobile device regardless of the homeowner’s location. The ability to turn on lights before entering the house may also decrease the risk of accidents that occur due to the dark.

3. Convenience

Home lighting is so engrained into everyday life that a homeowner might not realize how much movement is dictated by the placement of light switches throughout the house. Returning to a dark house often means blindly fumbling around, seeking out the switch — a task made much simpler by automatically illuminated lights.

4. Reducing extra light switches

Light switches can sometimes clutter a home’s walls, with a single light having more than one switch throughout the room. Automated lighting comes with one button and can be programmed to an unlimited number of lights.

5. Easy use

Having to learn a new control system can sometimes be daunting, but automated lighting systems are often easy to understand and simple to operate. They can be adapted to any new or removed light within a house and reprogrammed to fit changing needs.


You use light switches constantly, so why not make them easier to operate? Whether you are looking to save a little on your energy bill or spruce up your home with a new upgrade, automated lighting can add a few extra perks to your ideal comfort.

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