4 Popular Smart Home Audio and Video Systems Ideas

Posted On: 08-16-2019

Lately, you have probably seen how fixer-uppers and home improvement stores are vying for the opportunity to make your house into a smart home. You may even have dabbled in this new technology by purchasing a voice-activated assistant or timers for your Christmas lights that can be controlled through an app on your smartphone. When looking to upgrade your home's audio-visual system, take a look at four of the most popular ideas for taking your love of tech to the next level in your home.

Smart home standards

Making your home into a smart home does not have to break the bank, but the more you can afford to spend, the higher-quality product you will wind up with. To start out upgrading your video and audio system or installing one for the first time, you need to find the perfect location for the hub. This spot should be out of the way, in a closet or utility room. It is not recommended for a garage or attic because of the extreme temperature fluctuations in those locations. If you do opt for a spot that gets warmer, you may need to install a fan to help keep the device cool. Once you have the hub taken care of, you can get started on the rest of the system.

Audio and video system ideas for smart homes

1. Whole-home audio

Whether you listen to music in the morning or while you are prepping dinner, doing so gets a lot easier with a whole-home audio system. HGTV recommends going all out and getting your house in sync. Doing so allows you to play music throughout your home, so you never miss a beat.

2. Outdoor oasis

In the summertime, you may enjoy cooking outdoors and entertaining. You do not enjoy having to constantly charge a Bluetooth speaker to get music pumping. Maybe you want to be able to see and hear the big game from the comfort of your deck. To create an outdoor entertaining space, try placing speakers around the patio and installing a weatherproof television to see and hear all the action.

3. Media room

The place to get your true visual smart home fix is in a dedicated media room. Perhaps you want to install a large projection screen and some reclining seats, just like a movie theater. If that is the case, you may want to check into adding automated blinds you can control from your smartphone as well.

4. Master bedroom retreat

Create a master retreat befitting a king or a queen when you upgrade your current television and sound system for one controlled by the smart home hub. You can play music, stream your favorite shows and movies and perhaps try some Bluetooth headsets so you and your partner can enjoy what suits you. Use the app to automate lights out and blinds closed to complete the retreat feel.


Consider upping the ante and turning elements of your house into a smart home through the use of audiovisual systems. Doing so may make you want to stay in more and enjoy the show at home.

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